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Anu sirkas
Owner and Designer
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From an unfortunate accident to a calling



It was a cold winter when Anu, who was in a high school at the time, went to the attic to look at the clothes left by her grandmother and family members. Among the retro clothes found in Treasure Land, a special gem stood out – a light mint green shirt with ruffles. Immediately, the shirt was sent for washing refreshment. But as soon as the iron touched the shirt, the whole back piece melted away. The questions arose. What kind of material was it? Why is a fabric with such poor properties even made into this world? However, the design of the shirt was beautiful, it could not be thrown away. Anu headed to a fabric store, chose a lace fabric with the closest shade to the shirt, and sat down behind the sewing machine. Except for a few sewing lessons in elementary school, Anu did not know much about the topic. Fortunately, her mother rushed to help with the basic course. Slowly but surely, the back of the shirt got replaced. Sewing was so captivating that Anu couldn’t stop. More lace was added to the front closure and the ruffles. Fallen in love with handicrafts and fashion, the next logical step for Anu was to get education in fashion industry at universities.


Anu acquired a bachelor’s degree in Technical Design and Technology of Apparel at Tallinn University of Technology and a master’s degree in Textile Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. As an exchange student she spent one year in Borås, Sweden and half a year in Bangkok, Thailand. Anu did internships at an Italian fashion studio in Germany and a knitting company in the Netherlands. Also in Estonia, Anu went on internships in various fashion companies and worked as a designer’s assistant. She has presented three knitwear collections at multiple fashion shows like OmaMood, Antonius and ERKI.


All of this experience showed Anu glamorous fashion industry hides dark sides that are not talked about or overlooked. As the second most polluting industry in the world, the consumer can no longer remain ignorant. Mass-produced clothes are cheap for the consumer’s wallet, but expensive for the planet and the workers who made them. Anu’s mission is to slow down the fashion mega-system and be as ethical as possible, both as a designer and entrepreneur. Create less, but with higher quality and more long lasting. Knitting is a fashion and textile design technique where creative self-expression can be incorporated with a sustainable production method.

In her designs, Anu does not desperately search for inspiration, but rather opens her eyes to find beauty and patterns in her surroundings. With the aid of bright colors, nine months of Nordic weather can be a little tolerable and happier with Anu’s designs.

The garments are knitted in a zero-waste method. In this way, the valuable material is not lost. Anu uses only merino wool as yarn, which is a natural and renewable resource and biodegradable in nature. It composts several times faster than synthetic materials. High-quality wool is good against the skin in both cold and warm weather.

Sustainable production

All the garments are produced in zero-waste and made-to-order method

Made in Estonia

All the knits are made by the designer in a small studio

Natural materials

We use high-quality, soft and skin-friendly merino wool


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