From abstract artworks to handmade knitwear

Sustainable production

All the garments are produced in zero-waste and made-to order method

Made in Estonia

All the knits are made by the designer in a small studio

Natural materials

We use only natural yarns like wool and merino wool

Video of the creative process

The accelerated video shows how the Honeycomb sweater is made. The stages of the sweater include:

1. Drawing the pattern
2. Garment construction
3. Inserting the pattern on the garment 
4. Knitting
5. Washing and drying
6. Connecting the details on the linking machine
7. Hiding yarn ends
8. Sewing on the label


What is zero waste technology?

In today’s world with too many fashion collections being produced to this world, with poor qualities and wasteful resources, drastic changes must be made...

Why wool is a super fibre?

I did not pay much attention to the material in my younger age and therefore bought acrylic sweaters to my wardrobe...

Inspiration behind the collection HONEYLAND

Welcome to my first blog post! Finally, I said it! I have thought about blogging for too long and as always, the first step is the hardest...


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