From abstract artworks to handmade knitwear

Sustainable production

We produce in zero-waste and made-to-order method

Made in Estonia

All the knits are made by the designer in a small studio

Natural materials

We use high quality, soft and skin-friendly merino wool

The 10 Biggest Problems in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry, celebrated for its creativity and innovation, hides a darker side characterized by environmental devastation and worker exploitation...


One size does NOT fit all

Even Heidi Klum said it on Project Runway, one size does not fit all. And I agree! Women have always had issues with their body image, and they often wish to be smaller than they are...


What is zero waste technology?

In today’s world with too many fashion collections being produced to this world, with poor qualities and wasteful resources, drastic changes must be made...

Why wool is a super fibre?

I did not pay much attention to the material in my younger age and therefore bought acrylic sweaters to my wardrobe...


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